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Asset Protection

Regardless of a person’s net worth or estate size, all of us are targets for creditors, predators, and others who can either take our assets away from us, or squander and waste them if given the right to receive our assets at any point. Whether it’s a business or rental real estate that could be subject to lawsuits, or marriage troubles, or children or family members who struggle with substance abuse, managing money, or anything else that may arise, there are solutions.

We help clients protect their assets from lawsuits, creditors of all types, marital issues, beneficiary mismanagement and waste, and other possible undesirable outcomes.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all technique for asset protection, but there are many options available depending on someone’s net worth and estate size, their risk profile, and other circumstances. Whether it be use of trusts, taking advantage of exemptions, insurance, limited liability entities, marital property agreements, or other techniques, we can help you reach your specific goals and give you the peace of mind that only asset protection can provide.

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