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Probate and Estate/Trust Administration

When a family member or friend dies, the loss is challenging enough. On top of the emotional and other burdens, death often triggers complex legal processes and court proceedings to resolve the decedent’s assets and obligations.

Probate is a legal process by which a person’s property passes to heirs or beneficiaries after their death. In some cases a formal court proceeding is necessary, in others everything can be resolved without courts. It will depend on a number of factors that are often confusing.

We have found that trying a “do it yourself” approach to probate and estate/trust administration without seeking expert advice often results in having to take extra steps after the fact that are far more expensive and frustrating than simply getting help from a qualified, specialized attorney.

We can help you through the process of gathering and preparing inventory of assets (where required), dealing with creditors and payment of taxes, making distributions to beneficiaries (when appropriate), and all related issues that may arise after someone passes.

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